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Listen to Struggle by Json

Struggle is the latest single off of Json’s upcoming project Foreign which is available on July 8th.

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Foreign NOW available

Foreign represents Json’s joy in returning to Saint Louis to serve the Lord back in his home town.

“Foreign is me running off of the energy I felt from being home working around dudes from my city,” said Json.

“Foreign is the first of the series which will always feel different from my regular albums, These projects will be kind of like my alter ego, so to speak. It’s me just enjoying the creative process and making music without having a complete theme to follow,” Json further explained.

“This project is a representation of who we are as believers. When you see us we may look like everybody else you’ve been around, but when you talk to us there will clearly be distinctives about us that make us different from the rest of the world. For me Foreign is not just a project — it’s who we are.”

Love Me

Love Me: the lead single from Foreign

There is no greater feeling than knowing you are loved. In fact we all want to be loved by someone. What’s more amazing is realizing that love is not something you merely receive, but something you should give as well.

Json wrote this song “Love Me” as a dedication to the love of his life, his wife. This song is a snapshot of their journey of love and is meant to be anthem for others who know they are loved and live to show that love in return. “Love Me” features vocalist RIP and was produced by D-Hood and Dee on the Track.



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My music doesn’t inform my life. My life informs my music. I’ve learned that I create best when I live my album first.” – Json

Json, the CEO of Lamp Mode Recordings, is a St. Louis-based emcee known for his transparency, gospel-centeredness, skill at his craft and longevity in the game.Whether the topic is parenting, sexual abuse or life in the hood, Json approaches real-life subjects with a soul-touching openness and authenticity.